Kinisi Provider Referral

Kinisi Institute for Movement appreciates your referral and understands that you have a deep connection with your patient. We value that this relationship is absolutely necessary to the continued well-being of the patient, beyond the input we provide. Kinisi is committed to arming you with specific input you may need with clear communication and prompt follow-up. We thank you for entrusting your patient’s care to us and allowing us to participate in their care.

Kinisi sees patients with a broad range of musculoskeletal issues. We hope to make the referral, care and delivery of an assessment and care plan as seamless as possible. We hope you see us as part of your care team.

Why refer your patient to Kinisi?

  • Specialty care expertise. Kinisi Institute has specialists in multiple musculoskeletal services all working together: sports medicine, orthopedics, neurology, rheumatology, podiatry, spine surgery and pain management.
  • At Kinisi Institute we have all musculoskeletal specialties working in the same physical space. This allows for collaboration and integration of care on behalf of your patient.
  • Quality and consistency. The Kinisi specialists have created program pathways for many musculoskeletal disorders. This allows for consistently high quality of care to be delivered.
  • Click, call or fax—we offer several ways to refer patients, all streamlined to save time for you and your colleagues.

Scheduling Patient Appointments

To schedule an appointment, Kinisi Institute needs the following information about your patient:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Type of insurance (such as HMO, worker’s compensation, medical assistance)
  • Specific nature of medical issue (R) leg, (L) shoulder, for example.
  • Primary diagnosis code

We would also appreciate any specifics or details about services you would like Kinisi to provide.

Once the referral is made, we will begin the process of gathering information from outside facilities and will call your office(s) and/or the patient to begin the care process.

Patients who have more urgent medical and surgical needs are given priority when scheduling appointments. Appointments for patients with less urgent medical issues will be scheduled in the most appropriate manner to maximize value.

Medical records

Our care navigation team will obtain your patient’s medical records from your location or others where the patient has been seen prior to their visit to Kinisi Institute.

Summary Report

Our physicians will forward a summary of reports, treatments and recommendations to you as soon as they become available. If you have not received this information, please contact our care navigators at (715) 483-0241.

Contact us to learn more about the services and care we provide.